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It has taken a long time to put things on the firewall because I wanted to make sure everything was in its final place before drilling holes.  Well, I goofed up.

The first picture shows a drilled hole now plugged. This was where the IO Xtndr was mounted.  The main use for this device now needs two feeds from within the engine compartment.  I didn’t even stop to think about where all the wires will come and go to for the additions I plan to make in the future.  I started thinking about provisioning spares and realized, this should be on the other side of the firewall.  What was I thinking?

The second picture shows the plugs for the old location of the RDAC.  In planning space for other things, I had drawn a horizontal line on the firewall with intentions of not letting any mounting holes be within 1/2” of that line.  After I added the RDAC I realized the bottom holes ended up right on that line. Do’h.  The mounting hardware would interfere with the full travel of the rudder pedals to the stops.

      Moving on I made the sense post wiring run for ground power.  First step was to mount a diode between a ring terminal and a butt splice unit and put some rigid heat shrink on it.  It made a nice solid package.