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First step cleaning and oiling station.  I filled one bottle up with mineral spirits and the other with mineral oil.  All the parts need cleaning with mineral spirits, I use the bucket with the handy toothbrush.

I dispense oil on the parts as and when needed.

      After the mating of the crank and prop hub it was time to start building up the rest of the crankshaft.

      These two pictures are before and after the addition of the fourth rod.  My rods did not have the markings Sonex shows in their manual.  I looked in Tom Wilson’s book and he mentions this possibility.  I had already decided on how they should go and he confirmed it.

      Unfortunately, I did it wrong anyway.  They all have the same side face up, which is good, but two of them – of course – should be rotated 180° which would then make them upside down.  After I finished installing all four rods I went and watched the video again and realized that I had two of them wrong.

      I then reattached them, and yes, I did the correct two.