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And now for the big question, is the airplane complete?  Well, I crossed off my added box as I finished all that I intended for it.  With that box done there are no more boxes on the plans expect one, and it says ‘Airplane Complete’.  So here is one happy builder in the last picture after he crossed off that ‘Airplane Complete’ box and I’m going with what it says!

If you stopped by my garage and discussed with me what I still am working on you might disagree but I stand by it. All the work remaining is either not on the plans, was deferred until appearance items like painting or polishing or was deferred until after the airplane is at the airport.

That last one would be the biggest complaint as the whole aft fuselage bottom skin is not attached, but it is fully fitted and could be riveted and bolted on in a matter of hours.  It has been left off until the end for several reasons, the main one being that it is easier to attach the wings without it but it will also be easier to polish with it off.

So I have officially stopped building and am instead preparing for my airworthiness inspection and making the aircraft look nice with polish and paint.  In short, I am now ‘maintaining’ my airplane.