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All of the work with the axles and wheels was taking place along with work on the brakes.  I had previously made the brake handle and its mount and installed them.  It was now time to make a few additional pieces.  The first three pictures show a piece that attaches to the brake handle and balances the tension to the brakes via the brake cable.  Sonex calls for a nylon screen door roller.  I got a nice metal one with a bearing.

I bought 0.5” x 0.75” bar stock for these pieces.  The plans call for 0.5” x 0.5” but both the nylon or metal wheels I found were too thick for that size.  This worked fine. The last picture is of a cable guide piece that is mounted in the spar tunnel.  I could have made it without ripping down the bar stock, but I had recently put time into cleaning up and resetting up the band saw and wanted to try a nice rip cut.  It was straight and perfect. The band saw has been working better than ever.