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More prep work.  The brake backing plate needs to be drilled and bolted to the axle assembly, and the axle assembly itself needs some work.  A pilot hole needed to be drilled for attaching the axle assembly to the gear leg (not shown) as well as a hole through the axle for the cotter pin that secures the axle nut.

The axle assembly is made up of a piece of steel tube that is welded to an AN 3/4” bolt. Drilling the hole did not prove so difficult but there was a predrilled hole in the end of the bolt that needed to be tapped with a 10-32 thread.

The third picture shows this step and it was not easy.  I have heard of other builders having the tap break off on them doing these holes.  It was slow progress and on both axles, I had the tap get stuck and was unsure if I would be able to get it out without breaking the tap.  They both came out fine. The hole is for the outboard mounting screw for the wheel pant.