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With the tank firmly in its final location, I started on attaching the engine mount. This had it’s own set of problems. The first picture shows the engine mount in rough position with some scraps used as shims.

The mount fit into the fuselage attach points perfectly, however, when I measured the four mounting points that hold the engine, they were high, too far forward and the bottom two came out further than the top two. I had read a recent post on the Sonextalk Yahoo forum from someone who said they had to really trim the tabs on the mount so I was prepared for this.

I eventually worked out a trimming plan that worked well. Before trimming it I did measure the weldment against the plans, and like the main gear weldments, it did not conform to the plans in one measure. There seems to be plenty of material to work with, but I did not like it that this second major weldment was not in spec.

      The final two pictures show the mount in position after it was trimmed, and making and fitting the shims.