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And speaking of the next plan page, that is what I started on next.  I wanted to do all the lower cabin and seat details but I didn’t have enough clecos to hold together everything I have already drilled. I gave Chris Williams a hand working on his Areovee cooling issues and he loaned me a bunch of his, which resolved the issue.  And what do we start with? More angle pieces. They had already been cut to length but they all required some shaping.

          Of course there where channel pieces as well that had to be cut and shaped. The second picture below shows all pieces cut and shaped. I spent today marking them all up for pilot drilling and got most of the pilot holes done.

          I am making the lower seat mod so I have to go real slow because several pieces move to different locations than the plans indicate.  Sonex has not released a set of drawing for this mod, just a list of plans changes. It is further complicated in that I am making my cap piece do double duty. It will be able to fit a lowered seat pan or a standard seat pan. I will show pictures of this on a later post.