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There are three clips that attach to the floor and firewall stiffeners. These two pictures show two of them after attaching and drilling out to final size.  Note in the first picture that this piece is on the opposite side called out in the plans.  No special reason other than I made it with the flange up instead of down. After I did, I decided to just put it on the opposite way. No need to make it again. Jeff Shultz made two and overlapped the flanges to close off the area. (Iā€™m pretty sure he did it on purpose however!)

      The third piece needed a work around for the never ending wrong radius problem. Again, the plans seem to assume every angle piece, no matter what the leg length, has a 1/8ā€ inside radius.  The angle stock supplied by Sonex with leg lengths greater than 1ā€ have larger radius than that. Mostly a little shaping of the part has worked, but not here. I could only get this clip to work if I supported it with a piece of scrap. I rounded the end of the piece of scrap and then could get the clip into a good position.