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Then a little phenolic work.  These two units are for the flap drive tube mount.  Two small holes to bolt each half together and to the mounting plate and one big hole for the tube.

      Then it was the last four angle pieces, but again, there was another complication. These angles mount to the side skin and the spar tunnel, which means they can’t be left at 90°. I don’t have any pictures of the bending process but it was not pretty, even though it worked out.  I used the same technique  –  hit it with a hammer  –  I had on smaller pieces but since these are a lot wider than the vice, I had to do them in sections – which led to waviness that had to be taken out. Actually the less than 90° bends use the hammer, with the +90°bends I lever up one leg in the vice with a piece of steel.

      The first picture shows the ends of the pieces paired up with its mate, and the second picture shows one after all the shaping was done. Only three more to go.