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Did I say lots of pieces with lots of holes?  I did, and here is a photographic inventory of all those pieces - and holes.  The bottom skin and the turtle deck skin.

      All the formers, angles, clips splice plates and minor assemblies.

      All the cross ties.

          And both of the side skins with there upper longerons detached. Here is the major advantage of building the whole thing. When I deburr, I will be able to do all the holes easily.  If I built the lower box first, deburring of the upper longerons and the channels that attach to the turtle deck formers would be much more difficult because the pieces no long come apart. I have found that getting out all the burrs between pieces already attached can be a real problem.  No problem for me here.

          I put all the loose pieces aside so I could work on the bigger ones on the table.