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With that all done, it was time to take the whole thing apart.  A word about that.

The plans call for building the lower box section and then building the turtle deck. As I said in a previous post, since I had enough clecos I was going to do the whole thing at once.  Now that it is done it was a great decision, however, it may be easier to get the whole shebang twisted this way so you have to be careful about that if you do it this way.

The next few pictures show the disassembly.  Picture number two shows a nice trick.  I could not easily drill the four holes in the aft clip with the skin on, so I clamped it in place and then when I took the skin partially off, I drilled the holes. Piece of cake, and after disassembly, I riveted both the forward and aft clips in place on the turtle deck center channel. That also worked out great.

      More pieces coming off.