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Instead of moving on to the left side panel, I take a different tack.  You could assemble by following the plan pages in exactly the order specified and everything would work. The plans detail quite well what to do, including things like pilot drill but don’t rivet yet.

However, you always have to consider your shop space, whether you will have help on a piece or efficiencies in using a particular tool.  In addition, while I like to assemble without having to stop and make something, I could never go through all the plans, build all of the angle and channel pieces then come back and start assembling everything. I would really get bored.

Mostly I build the pieces for section of plan pages then assemble that section.  In this section I cut the cross ties but did not finish them before making the side panels. I got bored with them.  I was going to wait until the side panels where both done before finishing them off, however.  I have been planning on the next shop reorg to free up the big table and decided I would finish all the cross ties as well as make any remaining pieces or assemblies through the turtle deck install.

This way I could finish with the band saw, sander and vice and reorg the shop before assembling the aft fuselage box, complete with turtle deck.

So first up, because I was still avoiding the simple finishing of the cross ties, I made the little assembly in the two pictures below.

The channel piece is actually a piece of the Vertical Stabilizer that I made over a year ago. The upper angle piece and spacer were also made at that time.  I had to make a spacer and drill that spacer and the tail skid support from the holes in the Vertical Stabilizer spar.

Then I disassembled the rear of the spar and took the channel off.  The second picture shows the spacer that is taking the place of the spar plate. This channel will be incorporated into the aft fuselage box. The vertical tail will then slip into place and be bolted back onto the channel.

      Finally, I start the crossties, and done!