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So what to do?  Continue!  That is why the picture on the previous page had the head covers on.  It was good practice to adjust the rocker arms, which I did on both, so while I wouldn’t want to run the engine as is. It is fine to put everything else on and do my first rebuild before it ever turns over.

It took some e-mails and phone calls to Sonex to decide what to order and do but I ordered and they sent me a replacement head.

These first two pictures are after I restarted work on the engine.  The first one is midway through the installation of the oil pump.  All the grease is packed in so when it runs it will develop enough suction to start pumping the oil.

The second picture is the oil strainer cover and drain plug – which has been replaced with an oil temperature sender.

      The first picture below is just prior to starting to mount all of the block off plates and Sonex specific parts.