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After all the holes in the aft ribs were drilled, I removed the ribs from the main spar and reattached the forward ribs using only the two previously updrilled holes.  I then used the now full sized remaining pilot holes to drill the slightly out of alignment holes in the forward ribs to full size leaving nice aligned round holes through everything.  I then reattached the aft ribs.

I have posted shots of some, even most of the ribs in position, attached to the spars, but in all of those posts I have said that I was way ahead of myself and it really wasn’t time to have all of them attached yet. The second shot below is finally a shot of all the ribs in position for real. I could deburr, clean and then rivet them together and move on to the skins, but I have a lot of little details I would like to clear up first, such as run wires for the lights, begin mounting the light hardware that will remain in the wing and prepare the rods for attachment to the bellcranks.

It is nice to see the wing skeleton for real finally.

      After reattaching everything, I double checked that the ribs were all still in alignment. These two pictures show how they all look. Terrific.