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So now both stabilizers are permanently installed and ready for rigging.  Time to move onto getting the wings ready for rigging as well.  When I built the ailerons a long time ago I was still more of a novice builder.  On each elevator there were two rivets that were difficult to install and did not go in well.  They needed to be replaced, but I decided to wait. That also meant I would wait to balance the ailerons.

In these pictures, I have already replaced the bad rivets, which turned out to be not so hard with my growth in skills. They show the drilling of the counterweight to remove enough lead to balance the aileron according to the plans. I used a slowly turning 1/2” drill to remove enough lead to get them to balance. They are both balanced to the same point within the allowed range.

The last picture shows the left wing fully decked out with balanced aileron and flap on the airplane, all ready for rigging.  It is really hard to get a nice picture of the, what is now obviously an aircraft.  Maybe next post!