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The rudder was next. There was a small piece of hinge that was not attached when the vertical stabilizer was built. It gets attached after the vertical stabilizer is attached so that it can be lined up with the vertical stabilizer in its installed position. The first two pictures show what is now a cleco free zone at the very aft end of the fuselage. There has been a row of clecos waiting for the drilling of the hinge and the final rivets.

The last two pictures show the left and right travel stop plates for the rudder. As it turns out, I missed a callout for flush rivets on the aft fuselage side panels and used round head rivets. I still could have replaced them but the tail installation plan page calls out, mistakenly, for domed head rivets on the port side stop plate. I installed them with the hinge piece and when I went to check the travel the rivets, and the squared end of the plates interfered with the control arm.

I still could have replaced them at this point but flush rivets never entered my mind. Instead I quickly filed out recesses for the rivets and got it all to fit very nicely.  This will not be a problem at all as the stop plate and control arm hit nice and square over their contact length.  Would have looked nicer though.