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My troubles were not over however.  The next sequence of drilled holes and rivets was complicated.  I planned out the sequence of drilling and riveting very carefully.

These shots show the setup just before drilling and riveting the final holes before skinning. (Note: the tip rib won't be fully drilled and riveted until just before riveting the skin.)

I laid out the rivets for each group of holes because there were combinations of long and short rivets.  The riveting was tricky and in the process, several rivets had to be drilled out and re-riveted.  That is frustrating work because it is easy to oversize the hole, which happened and then I have to use my oversized rivets.

I was correcting the rivets as I went along and because of that, somewhere along the line I got mixed up and used some short rivets in long holes.  Those then had to be replaced.  All in all I used something like 20 rivets to fill the 12 holes.