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The other page I’m working on covers making the rear spar carry through components. I’m working on the two pages together because they both needed angle pieces cut and shaped. This way I can get all the chop cuts and band saw cuts done at the same time.

The first picture below is after all the pieces for this page have been cut to length. The next two pictures show the angles in the process of being shaped. The larger set needed to be bent like some of the other fuselage vertical angles.

There are two minor tales of woe on this page.  The larger set of angles shown finished, are not the two pieces shown cut to length in the first picture. I looked for but missed a second measure that showed that the two angle trims were not symmetrical.  I had to toss them, but I was able to replace them easy enough with one of the pieces of material I cut short making the vertical angles in the forward fuselage. The second problem is shown in the last picture. I didn’t mistakenly cut two holes. I first drilled the inboard hole and when I went to construct the assembly, I realized it was in the wrong place.  I drilled the second hole – which is in the right place – to see if I could still use the piece. I looked up the price for a new piece of channel from Sonex and it was just $14.00 plus shipping.  Since they are so close. I ordered it late Wednesday evening. Sonex filled the order Thursday and UPS had it to me on Friday at just normal ground rates.