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      These four pictures show the progress of making the left and right forward channels of the aft section. They are a little more complicated than the other channel pieces for the fuselage.  They are pre-bent in a Z shape with one angle at 90° and the other in the opposite direction that is less than 90°.  I was very careful in marking them up to get the big holes on the side closest to the shallow angle edge.

      Of course you get used to making a lot of reflected parts but this one was tricky.

          So tricky, that in the first picture below, I have just realized that I MADE THEM WRONG!!!

          The first picture is just how I made them, with the shallow angle edge coming up instead of going down.  My jaw dropped as I looked at them and realized I had not interpreted the drawing correctly and was sure I had just screwed up.  I also had no more of this stock.

          After a few minutes of pondering and wondering if I could salvage them.  I realized that because of the reflection, the right one should work for the left and vice versa.  The second picture shows them turned upside down and reversed left to right and they will work fine.  Luckily there was no hole or cut that didn’t reflect symmetrically for this outcome.

          If I hadn’t confessed no one would know. Sure, the left was made for the left, why do you ask?