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Picking up where I left off, I have to make four assemblies from the pieces on the previous page.  They are the four wing attach assemblies.

Each one has one of those solid blocks of aluminum I cut out earlier. Each block needs three holes drilled.  These are very important holes that I want square and to size with a nice tight fit.

My old vice is mountable to a drill press. I got it into position and added a stop to be able to drill all of the blocks the same.  There are two holes that attach the block to an angle. They are symmetrical along one axis, so I drill one hole then flip the piece over and drill the second hole in the same block. Then repeat for each block and do it again with the next size up drill bit.  Then position for and drill the vertical single hole, updrilling it as well.

      I started with a 3/32 bit and stepped up by 1/32 to 3/16 for all the holes in the un-mounted blocks.

        Then I had to mate and updrill the two horizontal holes to 1/4”.  I then cleaned up the pieces and finished these two assemblies below.  I still have to updrill and assemble the other two.