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The first picture shows the labels prior to being cut out.  After cutting, I darkend all the edges with a permanent marker.  The second picture shows the painting rework of the remaining panel hardware.

The third and fourth picture show the rework of one of the contactors.  The contactors I bought are very reliable and cheap, but they draw about an amp.  For the ground contactor, this is not a problem as it is only on for a short time and only with external power connected.  For the battery contactor however, the contactor itself is using about 1/20 of my limited alternator power.  There is a much nicer continuous duty contactor available but it usually costs about five times what I paid for the one shown in picture three.  I was able to get one for about double the price of the one I took out so I got it and installed it.  It draws 3 amps for about 100 ms then draws only .12 amps.  Worth the price to me.