Here was one of the frustrating bits.

In trimming the fairing, I decided I could take a little bit more off.  I lined up my snips - which worked very well on the fiberglass - and carefully made sure that nothing was in the way.

I was about to cut when I decided to double check and just make sure.  I repositioned, rechecked and went ahead and sniped. As soon as the snips closed I realized that in my double checking I had not cleared the skin like I had the first time and I got a 1/2" cut into the stabilizer skin visible in the shots below.

So now I had to engineer a safe fix.  Basically I made a gusset that is in the shape of the blue triangular shape outlined below.  I slid it behind the skin and added some rivet holes to hold it in place.  

The corner of the skin will be snipped off with a nice radius and all will be well.  Just one more difficulty along the way