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I continued to add new items to the firewall.  In the first picture you can make out two black objects now clecoed to the firewall in there final spots.  One is the oil separator and the other is the smoke oil container.  The second pictures shows the remaining electrical system items that need to go on the firewall.

      First on was this unit in the first picture.  It is an IO Extender for the EFIS. It’s only use for now to report back the current draw on the electrical system. The second picture shows the RDAC unit that is the primary data acquisition unit for the EFIS.  All the engine monitoring devices connect to it and its sends the data to the EFIS. The last two pictures show the Ignition coils for the primary ignition system and the voltage regulator for the alternator.  The alternator is a permanent magnet type and outputs AC current. The regulator will give me DC.