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Back to the angles.  Trim the feet, radius the corner, pilot drill, finish drill and ream and you have a finished bellcrank.  Right?

      Not quite.  The nearest angle to the camera in the second picture below has to be remade.  In drilling for the bushing, I made too deep a cut with my step drill.  I didn’t even notice until I went to put it together.

      I thought I had stopped with the final size just started but I was one size too big!  Not sure how that happened.  It actually has a small part, about 3/64”, of the 1/8” deep hole the correct diameter, so the bushing actually rest nicely in the hole, but it gets no support from the rest of the hole.  I had to remake one of the other angles as well, but I used a scrap piece that was just long enough, so I had congratulated myself on efficient material usage. A little too soon as it turns out.