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The flight did not last long however, I was given permission to fly at or above 2,500’ around the airport but the highest I got was about 1,200’. Gary is at 591’

As I started to climb my CHT’s were climbing at a faster rate than me. About half way through what turned out to be a wide and low pattern, I found that I could keep the temps down but only with reduced power and no climb.  I decided not to push my luck with the engine and asked to come on back.  The Enigma started and stopped logging the flight automatically. I was airborne for about six minutes.

Coming back my landing was not well executed. I flared too high with a lot of energy left. I eventually got her down. In the cockpit video, you can make out the airspeed counting down to 41 just as I touched down. Chris thought I hit the tail skid but I did not feel it and there are no scrap marks on it. I touched down with about 4500 feet of a 7000 foot runway left so I was not worried about running out of room. The rollout was easy to keep on track and she handled very well on the ground in both takeoff and landing.