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It’s one to polishing the wing, however there is deferred work to finish up there.  When the wings were fitted to the fuselage, the plane was sitting on the table and the underside of wing was not easily accessible. I had put off several items until the end because of this and also because some of the pieces could have been easily broken, like the pitot/static and the AOA tubes.  It is time to do them now so I made the mounting plates for the tube I bough from Aircraft Spruce.

I also needed to updrill the holes for the wing tips.  I won’t rivet them until after the wings are on because the wings are much easier to handle with them off. I also could finish the wing root doublers that had been inaccessible for riveting.

This is a convenient time to do no polishing work as the F9 polish I had ordered from Perfect Polish was back ordered.  More Polish is coming Tuesday so Wednesday, Thursday and Friday should be wing polish days.