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The fuselage side skins needed dimples because all the windscreen holes are countersunk. The windscreen has been cut to final size and all the holes finished in the first picture and installation has started in the second.  Note that for the forward and aft edges, the screws sit in countersunk washers.

But there was a snag.  The plans call out –S48 and –S50 sized screws and that is what I ordered for the hardware.  They are too short!  I double checked the plans, my screws and the screw specs.  Looking at the full scale detail drawings of these screws, where the plans call out a –S48 the actual drawing measures out to –S50 and –S51 for the called out –S50’s.  The larger sizes also make sense from the dimensions of the materials etc.  I checked to see if there was a revision to this plans page but there wasn’t so I will e-mail Sonex about it.  The new screws come tomorrow.

The last two pictures show some generic SS 8-32 that are too long.  I decided to install them so I could move on to the next steps.  I will just replace them when I get the correct ones.